The blog post that took 21 years to write…

Even if it takes you months, take good advice from good friends

For those of you who know me from the WordPress community, you might know that I’ve been in this business since 1994. What you might not know is that I have never had a public website of my own. I’ve followed and then come to know many of the very smart people in the WordPress community: I’ve read their blogs, met them in real life, and forged some great friendships. Along the way, most of them who write eventually ask me, “do you have a blog?” I would always find one way or another to get out of answering the question by making a quip on the anecdote of the cobbler’s children’s shoes.

As my personal and business friendship deepened with Chris Lema, he began to increasingly urge me, as far back as two years ago, to start blogging about some of my experience and outlook on managing and growing professional service firms. Read More