“With today’s professional service firms all running at digital speeds, the need to find the balance among team stability, growth of service, and the best possible client experience is vital.”

Areas of Focus:

Creating Business Solutions with Digital

Building Professional Services Teams

Alternative Growth and M&A Strategies

Bringing Digital to Environmental Education


25 years of assembling & leading digital professional service teams has led to a refined expertise in navigating the nuances of client management, delivering value, and cultivating team growth and depth.

Board Member and Advisor

Passionate about finding alternate solutions in strategy and a persistent drive towards partnership naturally lends itself to success on a board as part of a diverse leadership team. Karim's advocacy for teamwork and background in technical strategy offers a unique pairing that often brings balance to a board.


Whether its leading entrepreneurial masterminds or speaking to thousands of conference attendees, Karim's guided conversations and talks have provided vision and encouragement to entrepreneurs and leadership teams alike. As a group leader, moderator, or interviewer, his easy style of engagement instinctively puts others at ease, while focusing on the conversation.

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Trusted by
Management Teams

What Other Are Saying

"Karim is a partner and a trusted advisor for all things technology and management. His advanced knowledge of digital agencies offers a unique perspective on navigating the world of launch, growth, and exit. He is very skilled at managing enterprise level clients from idea creation and strategy all the way through design, development, and successful project execution. After working alongside him for many years, I would absolutely recommend him as both a digital partner and consulting coach."

- Rebecca Gill

Agency Owner

"When I get on a plane, I like to see a pilot with a few gray hairs. Someone who’s been through it a few times and survived. When it comes to advisors and mentors, I feel the same way. Karim is a proven and battle-hardened entrepreneur and leader. Unlike others of his caliber, he’s also genuine, approachable, and generous with his time."

- Robby McCullough

FastLine Media / Beaver Bulder

"Throughout my dealings with Karim, I found him to have the comprehensive set of skills to manage small and large groups of individuals in highly creative, dynamic and demanding professional environments."

- Robert Radi Ph.D.

Mayor La Quinta Ca.