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Karim Marucchi is the Founder and Chairman of the VeloMedia Group, the parent company of boutique professional service organizations with offices in Los Angeles, Denver, Bucharest, Las Vegas, New York and Rome. Over the last twenty years he’s run startups, taken companies public, managed mergers and acquisitions, and led professional service organizations across the globe. Today he’s the CEO of Crowd Favorite, the first premiere WordPress agency for the Fortune 500, where clients such as Microsoft, National Geographic, DirectTV, Lexus, Facebook and major entertainment studios count among the company’s client roster.

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  1. 5 great tips to keep in mind.


  2. In business school, our professors focused more on getting us to ask questions than offer answers. Many situations started with everyone already having an answer – unfortunately we all had different ones. Asking questions helped us guide one another to consensus and was, what one instructor claimed, “the makings of good management.”

    Whether it’s team management or client management, the ability to communicate is key. Often a client will refuse to see a situation a certain way, but through communication we can guide them to a desired conclusion by asking pointed, direct, leading questions. It’s an art form, but also the makings of great expectation management.


  3. While reframed in martial arts though linked, “yes and” is an important foundation to improve comedy and has many business applications. To give it a spin, use it in your next brainstorming session. Too often participants knock holes in ideas ahead of augmenting pretty good ones that just need a tweak. Say yes to your peers and play a part in the game of forming better ideas together.


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